Gate Access Control Camera

A Gate Access Control Camera enhances the security of every residence or a workplace that needs to be secured. People inside the premises would be able to have a no stress time spent with their family in the comfort of their home or a fruitful workday inside the office for that matter while keeping an eye on their surroundings with the installed camera. People prefer steel gates installed to secure the surroundings of their properties even with cameras. However, with the advanced technology and creation of the steel security gates, a remote-controlled gate operator for the steel gates with the camera has been the better choice in the market lately.

The steel security gate access system gives the needed secured feeling once you have it installed on your front entrance. Steel is unbreakable and not too easy to penetrate. With this surrounding your property, safety and security are expected. To add more to its value, a Gate Access Control Camera will be installed with it, so people inside can monitor and see who wants to come inside. To add further, an intercom system can be installed near the entrance so that the person who wishes to come inside will need to talk to the person indoors that he wanted to be let in.

Gate intercom system is generally used for both business and residential applications. Most of the time these systems are used in large houses that has an automated gate for protection. Many business owners have been using these Automated Gate or Barrier at their workplace entrances. Using a Gate Access Control Camera Intercom system allows all visitors to call first as they arrive before granting them access. This call will be your security aid as visitors get screened before there let themselves in the house. The calls made will be sent to an IP phone or even directly to your mobile phone.

The Gate Access Control Camera Intercom system is made from stainless steel; it is robust and vandal resistant for external applications. There are few types of this system that are available in the market today. Some has a 12-key keypad version, and some has a non-keypad with a single “push to talk button”. Mostly an application will connect the Gate Intercom System to a router or Switch. The Intercom system will connect on a cat5e or a cat6 structured cabling system. If your router or switch does not have POE out you could simply use a POE injector.

A remote control is another factor that may be added to the steel security gates. With a remote control, residential owners can easily manipulate their steel gates without leaving their car seats. It is the most comfortable way of putting these security factors on your steel security gates

Protecting the family, your business, the employees, your properties, and your clients safety using Gate Access Control Camera system has been the vital tool of any business security plan and technological advancement that has changed the way residents and business owners to safeguard their properties.