Mah Jong Quest

What’s the meaning of happiness? You are Kwazi. Starting from a mysterious birth at a mountaintop monastery and ending as a wizened old man, you use your grandfather’s ancient Mah Jong set to solve an ever-challenging series of puzzles. As you play, make life choices that take you through battles against dragons, unrequited love, winding career paths, artistic fulfillment, utter devastation, spiritual awakening, rebuilding, and ultimately a blossoming family. The story unfolds based on the decisions you make, so choose wisely. In the end, only you can match the tiles and find the balance that brings about true Happiness.

Game Features
  • 72 Mah Jong Boards; Match-2, Match-3, and Match-4
  • Fantastic power tiles to help you win!
  • Try head-to-head and test your skills against your friends
  • Freeplay Mah Jong with over 600 classic style boards
  • Exciting, interactive story where you make decisions that affect the outcome
  • Game Center and OpenFeint integration for leader boards and achievements
  • iPod integration enables you to play music from your own iTunes library.