Music Visualizer

Want to see what you hear or put on an impressive show? Music Visualizer personalizes your music and surrounding sounds, letting you view what you hear. The application generates graphics according to the music’s volume and beat, showing the strange world of sounds in a different light.

Not everyone even knows of the phenomenon of “color hearing”. Scientists more precisely describe it as when two senses –- eyesight and hearing -– are combined. People who have color hearing are called synesthetes. When a person with synesthesia listens to music, they see or imagine colorful objects which seemingly are as real as objects in our everyday vision. Such great composers as Alexander Scriabin and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov were synesthetes.

Would you like to feel like a synesthete does? Would you like to liven up the usualsound of your favorite melodies and see how they look? Let Music Visualizer guide you through the fascinating world of sounds!