Space Storm

A breathtaking space-shooter game. Faced with danger every minute, face to face with merciless enemies, you are the one to save the galaxy.
Strengthen your forces with cool weapons: from ordinary machine guns to plasma guns and ion shells. And in a crunch, you can’t go without homing missiles to annihilate the enemy.
Enjoy various bonuses which will propel you to victory in mortal combat.
After completing every three levels, you’ll meet a super-boss before you can go on. This ship-killer has special skills and superweapons which can reduce you to ashes in a matter of seconds. Only your skills and weapons can help you to survive. If you don’t want to die at the very start of the game, you’ll need powerful guns!

  • Lots of enemies with sophisticated skills and heavy armaments
  • Multiple bonuses to improve your fighting skills
  • Superior graphics that will take you out of this world
  • Tutorial to help you make your first steps
  • OpenFeint support