Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom is the first fully voice-controlled racing game for the iPhone! This exciting game for all ages will wow you as you scream, shout, buzz, roar or zoom to steer your car on different tracks. All without touching the screen! And the more noise you make, the faster the car goes!

  • Voice navigation
  • Incredible graphics
  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Weekly competitions with prizes
  • Perfect for all ages and occasions
  • Tons of laughs and fun

Spread the joy

Why not take a small break at work and start a mini Zoom Zoom competition with your coworkers? And if the boss comes running in because of the noise…well…invite them to join in!
Become the life of the party! Start a Zoom Zoom fever that will fill the room with laughs and craziness. Even if you’ve had a few drinks, your Zoom Zoom car will still stay right on track!

Join the community

Take your fun and excitement to a new level, participate in challenging weekly competitions! Submit your best scores online and see your results in player and country rankings.

Race on tracks, smash the competition and have a blast! Ready, set, go!