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Our accumulated know-how and years of experience allow us to substantially speed up development and focus our attention on solving high-level tasks. Our toolkit makes cross-platform porting much easier — and that means we can concentrate on our games and gameplay, not system programming. If you want to gain access to our framework, contact us for access-related questions.


Being based on modern approaches in software development and adopted to limited requirements systems, DAVA framework is perfect for building 2 & 3d games, interactive applications for multiple platforms and device resolutions. Our framework delivers simple integration with any C or C++ based multi platform library.

Supported platforms
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android is coming soon

DAVA framework is
  • Easy to use – simple C++ API
  • Multiplatform and multi-device – one code can be applied to all platforms and all devices without any modifications
  • Flexible – easy to extend and easy to integrate 3rd party libraries
  • Free – it’s open source, compatible with closed and open source games
  • AppStore approved – used by more than 20 top-quality games from biggest publishers

OpenGL / Direct X renderer

The framework is built on OpenGL for iOS and Mac OS X and on DirectX for Windows, which unleashes maximum game performance on modern phones and computers.

Optimized resource pipeline

Our system for working with resources is an easy, code-free way to use graphics for different resolutions and adapt games to new devices and platforms as quickly as possible.

Easy-to-use animation manager

One line of code to animate any object. You can animate multiple object properties in parallel, independently.

Robust UI

Completely custom UI conceptually similar to Cocoa, but with maximum hardware acceleration designed specially for games.


The framework includes ways of integrating graphics into a project with minimal effort. Save development time and make life easier for your designers thanks to Photoshop integration.

External module integration

Simple integration of external modules lets you get the most out of each platform’s speciafic features. Each of your games will use all of the features available on each of your target platforms.

Graphics fonts / TTF fonts

Graphics and TTF fonts, reporting for duty! Fonts are a crucial part of development today. Localized games can generate 40% more profit!

Development environment

You can develop games using Xcode on Mac OS X, or Microsoft Visual Studio on PCs.

100% Native Code

Our library is written completely in C++. This means no limitations on your creativity, as you can combine it with all of your other tools.


If you’re interested in our framework, you can download it for free!