5 Basic Steps To Building Your Own Backyard Deck

Would you like more space in your garden? A place where you can entertain guests at nightime? Well why not consider building your own backyard deck. You may be surprised to find out that building such a feature in your garden isn’t as all that difficult. To build the right kind of decking for your backyard you will of course need the right tools and materials. Once you have these then by following the steps below you should be able to build your own backyard deck in no time at all.

Steps To Building Your Own Backyard Deck

Step 1 – Prepare The Area

You need to remove any grass or other rubbish from the area where you intend to build your deck. After this you need to rake the ground so it is level and smooth. Once this is done you can move on to laying some landscaping fabric over it before then covering it with gravel. This not only controls moisture but will prevent weeds growing underneath your decking.

Step 2 – Set Concrete Blocks

You need to create seven rows of concrete blocks that is made up of 3 blocks in each row. Important that the blocks that make up the corners of your decking are 10 feet apart on the long side and 8 feet apart on the short side. Use a level to ensure that they lay even on the gravel.

Step 3 – Build Up The Frame

Build up the frame of your deck by screwing together the long and short joist boards. Once you’ve built up the frame you can then place it onto the concrete blocks. The best way of building up the frame for your backyard deck is to do it on the lawn close to where the decking is going. Once built you can then move the frame over to be placed on top of the concrete blocks. Make sure that the frame rests properly on top of the blocks.

Step 4 – Install The Decking Boards

Begin with placing one deck board along the long side of the deck frame. You must make sure that it is flush with the outside face of the end joist. Then drill holes that are in alignment with the middle joists. Then screw into position using 2.5inch deck screws. Do this until you’ve covered the whole of the frame with decking boards. You must make sure that you secure each piece of decking to the joists underneath.

Step 5 – Seal Your New Backyard Deck

If you’ve chosen to use traditional wood rather than a composite material for your decking you need to provide it with protection from the elements. After the wood has time to settle apply a protective coating. If you don’t over time it can splinter and crack.