A Brief Guide To Buying A Sump Pump

Have you had it with inexpensive sump pumps that break after just one year? Do you hate the idea of having to buy and try a sump pump out in order to determine if it is good quality? This short buying guide will help you pick out the best pump for your needs and for your budget.

Primary, Battery Backup or Combination is where your real decision making should start. You have to decide which of the three main types are right for your home. Primary pumps can either be submersible or pedestal pumps. These are common in most households. Battery backups are great for areas that experience occasional blackouts due to severe weather. The battery power only kicks in if the power goes out to keep the pump going. A combination sump pump has the ability to work in normal situations as well as during blackouts, but the battery power will also activate if the primary pump is unable to keep up with water as it enters the basin. You might want to choose a backup or combination if you tend to travel away from home during the months the sump pump is on the most. This can save you from experiencing a flood in your basement when you are far away from home.

Here are some factors to consider before you start shopping for the type that is right for your home, you want to be sure that you can install the pump easily enough. You should be able to find out how the pump you want needs to be installed basically. If any rewiring needs to be done you will want to contact an electrician. After figuring out the type and installation, then you can decide on the price range for your sump pump. A more expensive unit is not always best but you probably want to avoid paying for anything that is very inexpensive. Battery backup units are great but remember you will have to make additional investments when the battery needs to be replaced. Most units will offer some kind of indicator that lets you know when it is time to buy and replace the battery.

The material most sump pumps of quality are made of is either cast iron or stainless steel. Still, relatively good products are also available that are made from thermoplastic material. Online reviews are great for getting more details about the various brands and models that are available. Be sure to give some leeway to any reviews you read that are overly positive or overly negative. Still, online reviews can point you to the type and model of sump pump that works well and lasts for its price. This is a convenient way to make the final decision as to whether or not to buy a particular item in-store or online. A sump pump has to be chosen with care. It is the first line of
defense to protecting your homes foundation and basement from water damage.