How To Become A Property Surveyor

If you are looking for an exciting and sought after career or vocation, the property industry is a great business to get in to.There are many reasons why you should work in property surveying especially if you have a love or interest in old buildings.Plus you can expect to earn way above the national average when it comes to income.

If you love working outside and don’t like being office bound behind a desk, then property surveys would be a good job for you. Property surveyors or home inspectors as they are sometimes known spend most of their time outside in the open air. You will of course have to sepnd some time in the office or perhaps your home office because once you have completed your survey inspection a full report will need to be written up and presented to the client customer.

But the variety of day to day work can be the type of thing many individuals need to help them stop becoming stale or bored. It is a job where you will meet all kinds of different people from vendors who are selling to estate agents who are marketing through to solicitors who are dealing with the conveyancing.

Of course the downside is that surveyors have to be willing to work in all kinds of weather and various climate conditions thoughout the year. Even if the weather is awful it doesn’t mean that the surveys will stop. having the ability be outdoors day in day out is an excellent choice for people who appreciate the outdoors.

Another thing to consider in property surveying and inspecting is a fairly secure career and there are many opportunites of employment both with private firms, estate agents and indeed local government and government organizations.

The property market in the U.K. has always been challenging and exciting and being a part of it will certainly bring rewards.If you work for a privte surveying firm you can expect excellent benefits and employment progress. On top of that, economic downturns may affect surveyors a lot less than some other occupations. When the economy is not so good this could mean more people could be selling because individuals can no longer afford to maintain monthly mortgage repayments.

The other reason of course for becoming a chartered surveyor in property is for the generous salary attached to the job. It can depend on location and especially in London but surveyors can expect to earn in excess of £50,000 per annum. This amount rises as a surveyor moves up the ranks to become an intermediate or senior surveyor and here you could earn over £75,000 per annum.This is an excellent line of work to get into if you’re motivated by the outdoors and the money.

You very rarely hear of a chartered surveyor being made redundant this is because here in the U.K. we love our property and home ownership is a dream for most people, this means there will always be a need for property valuations and surveys so even if the traing is difficult ( up to five years ) it will be worth it in the end.