How To Properly Clean A Laminate Floor Without Damaging Them

There is a reason why laminate floors of so popular all over the world. They are made out of a type of wood composite that is much cheaper than the real deal, wood. Its basically sawdust. However, just as it is with all other floor types, laminate also has special care instructions. Just because your laminate wood floor looks very similar to regular wood, it does not mean that it should be cleaned the same way as a hardwood floor. The best way to clean laminate wood flooring is most definitely not the same as the method used to clean your lovely hardwood oak floor.

Laminate wood floors need a very special kind of treatment because unlike hardwood if there is a stain or some sort of damage it is not a simple task to just refinish the floor because that is impossible. To avoid very expensive floor replacements it’s important to care for your floor the right way. One of the most sure-fire ways to make sure that you clean your laminate floor how it is meant to be cleaned is to read the instructions that came with the floor. The manufacturer is always going to recommend the best cleaning products for the specific type of floor that you have purchased.

Avoid stains on your laminate wood floor by never allowing any water to stand on the floor. As soon as you see a spill make sure you clean it up right away. Laminate wood floors are worse than real wood when it comes to water. Although real wood floors should never get wet, they can handle water much better than laminate in the case of an accident.

Laminate wood floors scratch very easily so make sure you do not use any abrasive cleaning tools. To keep dust to an absolute minimum use an microfiber dust mop. When you decide that your laminate floor needs a wet mop, make sure that you use a microfiber mop to wet mop and do not a cotton mop and bucket. Cotton mops will damage the floor by leaving too much water on it.

If you’re ever in a situation where you are not sure whether or not a cleaner is safe to use on your laminate floor then rather do not use it at all. Instead, opt for a mild solution of a soapy water mixture or plain water with your microfiber mop.