Importnat Things To Know About Carpet Installation

Carpeting is regarded as the cheapest form of surfacing as compared to laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. Carpets are cheaper to purchase and install in the house. With many options to choose from in carpeting, one can easily establish which one that suits their styles and budget. Carpets have extreme ends when it comes to pricing- there is wool which costs way more as compared to nylon or velvet. Therefore it depends on one’s taste.

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Laminate flooring is cheaper compared to carpeting but more expensive compared to hardwood flooring. The materials needed for laminate flooring are not that expensive either. Laminate flooring is flexible enough to be installed on top of the preexisting floor after it has been prepared. You may not require hard labor, and if you do, it is quite affordable.

Hardwood flooring costs way more to install as compared to carpeting and laminate flooring. The hardwood trees usually used is the bamboo and the oak which are quite affordable as compared to the more exotic species. The maintenance of the hardwood floor is easier and costs less than the previous types of flooring. Apart from the ease of cleaning and general aesthetic value, hardwood floors tend to appreciate the value of the home even years to come. Hence, ideal for real estate business.

Tile flooring is cheap to purchase. Buying tiles are quite affordable as many may know, nonetheless, installing tile or stone flooring is quite expensive. Hence make tile flooring the most expensive type of flooring as compared to other hard surfaces.


Carpet replacement can be done as frequently as one may desire but usually, lasts a bare minimum of 10-15 years before wearing and tearing. After doing the measurement and communication with the contractor or manufacturer about the estimates, you can then prepare your floors. This floor preparation is mandatory and must be done well as it determines how durable your installation of the new floors will be whether it is tile floors, carpet or wood floors.

After choosing the type of flooring that suits your house, you need to prepare your floors accordingly for proper installation;

  1. Furniture

Move the furniture out of the area of interest. If you are planning to carpet a single room, simply move the furniture to another room. At times one intends to redo the floors of the whole house, in this case, you may need to move all the furniture to the storage or garage. You can choose to hire movers to help you shift the different sets for conserving time or when you have no extra hands.

  1. Vacuum

Removing one carpet to install a new one is a messy process. Carpets tend to trap specs of dust overtime, and other areas are a tad hard to reach than others during cleaning. The removal process of the old carpet spreads the dust everywhere thus before installing the new carpet; you need to vacuuming or wipe the floors with a damp cloth.

If you do not intend on throwing the old carpet away, you can hire cleaners to work on it before storage. Store the carpet when it is clean and dry to avoid growth of mold.

  1. Company

Most companies offer free carpet removal and cleaning services as part of the customer service program if you are buying a carpet from them. You can contact the relevant company to help you with the removal process and the floor preparation. Professional removal of the carpet by an accredited company is the best option as you are assured of a thorough job.

  1. Contractor

Hiring a contractor comes in handy if your floors are hard surface floors such as tiles and hardwood. Most times, homeowners tend to cover their hardwood floors or tiles with carpet and avoid the whole process of removal. In such cases, you will find that the proprietor wants to revert to the original floors in the future.

Cases whereby the homeowner seeks to replace the hard surface floors with carpets, a contractor is contacted. Removing hardwood floors or tile floors is an extensively draining job that requires a professional who is conversant with the process.

  1. Doors

Doors opening into the room of the area of interest must be removed. You can easily detach them at the hinges and store them in another room or a storage facility.


Choosing between a hard surface flooring and carpeting has now been made easier. Weighing the pros and the cons of both the two types of flooring will help you make the best decision for your home.